JUNE 21-23, 2023



The economy of the Republic of Moldova is transiting through a continuous process of reformation, namely the need to identify new solutions, models, and strategies that can contribute to the sustainable development of the current economic system is an important topic for the national and international society.

The "Economic development and research" conference is in its 2nd edition, organized on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Trade Co-operative University of Moldova (TCUM).

Economic growth is based on three main components: a) capital (investment in real estate, equipment, and human resources), b) labor force growth, and c) technological progress. Thus, economic growth is the result of innovative activities, skilled labor, and research productivity. These models suppose that R&D investment leads to innovative and technological development due to human capital and knowledge accumulation.

The field of research and development in the Republic of Moldova faces the need for efficient use of resources, ensuring a research process based on excellence, integrated into the international research circuit, and oriented towards meeting the growing needs of society and the national economy. In this sense, research and concerns for ensuring competitiveness, sustainability and a broad process of innovation of the economy at different levels and in various contexts have become particularly relevant.

The current orientations of society as a whole and the perspectives of economic development, influenced by the adverse social and economic effects, are current topics of discussion among representatives of the academic, research, and business environment. Through research and development, the national economy will strengthen its competitive potential at the regional and international levels, thus generating well-being for all its citizens.  Education also plays an important role in achieving this goal.

The exchange of experience and the dissemination of the most effective technologies and educational practices contribute to strengthening the quality of the process of initial and continuous professional training in the economic field.

The purpose of the conference is to disseminate and capitalize on the results of scientific investigations regarding the creation of a performing and sustainable environment for the economic development of the Republic of Moldova, as well as to discuss the existing barriers. To improve the efficiency of the implementation of fundamental and applied scientific achievements.

Objectives of the conference:

• Basing the challenges on economic-social development and multidimensional security;

• Identifying solutions in the sustainable development of enterprises under the conditions of current challenges;

• Improving the legislative and normative regulations in force;

• Identifying the importance and benefits of the circular economy

• Identifying opportunities for the development of education and research in higher education.


Conference languages: Romanian, English, Russian.